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me when entering da club

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Title: UnknownHome
Artist: UnknownDotan
Album: Unknown7 layers
Played: 119 times

Currently a big hit in The Netherlands. Just discovered Dotan is a Dutch artist, but I think everybody should give this a listen. Truly a magical song.

What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany’s at midnight.

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It’s like a devastating break-up scene between a couple who were together in every way but physical. —James Hibberd, accurately summarizing the Dany x Jorah pairing and the banishment scene Entertainment Weekly [x] (via khaleesa)

Team «Foxcatcher» in Cannes, France | May 19, 2014

things you miss when you dont go on tumblr for 2 months
- fufu
- gratata(ta?)
- bae
- ???